About Broken Men

Part of my own journey was the realisation that most experiences in life either equip you to achieve or equip you to avoid. Touching a hotplate will equip you to avoid touching hotplates, either by changing your behaviour, turning off the heat, being in a different room or testing before touching. Working in different roles or different places of work equips you with confidence in what you can do and what you may want to do. So each role is equipping you to either go further in that role or company (or the role may be like a hotplate!!) or push up the ladder.

My life to date has been a wild journey of seeking my manhood. Looking to be validated in many ways and regularly being let down. But as I started on the True path to becoming an authentic man I couldn’t help but look back and ask what has this life equipped me for?

One of the pressing thoughts I constantly have is “why?”. Why did I get to the point of complete failure? Why was I successful in things I didn’t care about and completely unsuccessful in the things that really mattered to me? Why didn’t anyone tell me? Why didn’t my father show me? Why didn’t the men in my life lead me? Why did I listen to popular culture? And then as I grew I knew that what I was learning, what I was reading and what I was experiencing had to be shared. I truly wept at the thought that the life I should have had and wanted was only ever a decision away and yet never the decision I made. My passion, my equipping, my desire and my ministry drove me to share with other broken men where the path begins.

I wanted so much more from my life, not cars, houses and worldly possessions, I had those. I wanted love, friendship, respect and family. I can’t believe looking back how close and constantly offered these things were but as a self made man I kept charging ahead with my ideal of how things work and how to achieve.

But I digress. Why is this site here. For You. God put this concept into my heart and mind and no matter how much I resisted, He persisted. This is not my penance nor punishment, it is what life has equipped me to do, how God has chosen to use me for his glory. I want more than anything to wake up other men, show them that their daily struggles are not theirs alone and to equip them to find the True path to becoming an Authentic Man, Father and Husband.

You can’t expect your life to change if you don’t change. You can’t expect your life to improve if you don’t improve. If you continue to live the same life, you will continue to get the same results. If you’re here then it’s likely you want different results.

Hopefully within the writings of the contributors, the books suggested and in your own heart you will find the desire and strength to seek the True path and take your first steps.

Stay strong and fight the good fight.


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